36 | How to raise money for your startup or business, and how to partner with large corporates (with Stephen Socolof)


Raising money for your business is not easy.

Shows like Shark Tank make people feel that there is a good chance that 1 in every four businesses will be able to get a check from investors. The reality is that about 1% get funded.

So what can you do to increase your chances of raising funds from an investor? listen to this fascinating interview with Stephene Socolof.

Stephen has over 20 years of experience as an investor. He shares what he is looking for when he evaluates a business.

Stephen also shares what you should do if you do not have previous experience, and how can you overcome the lack of experience in the eyes of a potential investor.

In addition, Stephen is an expert in nurturing partnerships of startups with large corporations. he gives some practical tips for how you can find corporates who would be interested in investing in your business, and how to approach them.