Life Sciences

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Intra-Cellular Therapies, Inc.

Intra-Cellular Therapies (Nasdaq: ITCI) is a drug-development company developing novel therapeutics for depression, schizophrania, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders.

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Andrew Technologies

Andrew Technologies is an early stage medical device company working to develop novel surgical instruments using its proprietary technology. Tom Albright Three South Haddon Avenue,

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Indevus Logo

Indevus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Indevus Pharmaceuticals is a publicly-traded biotechnology company focusing on developing and commercializing speciality pharmaceuticals. Through internal R&D and strategic partnerships, it is advancing the state-of-art

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Clinical trial solutions that are founded in a future-ready, flexible, PEOPLE FIRST culture to deliver greater value for employees and client organizations. To learn more

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Sword Logo

Sword Diagnostics

Sword Diagnostics is commercializing a detection technology for clinical diagnostics and life sciences research that is much more sensitive than current technologies and is easily

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Future of Ventilation Technology: Building the only breath support therapy designed to make breathing easier with a wearable device for people with respiratory disorders. The

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Regenosine Logo


Regenosine is developing first-in-class therapies for tissue regeneration. The purinergic system regulates and maintains tissue homeostasis. They have demonstrated that restoring adenosine levels in various

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Regel Tec Logo


ReGelTec is developing an injectable hydrogel for minimally invasive treatment of chronic low back pain from degenerative disc disease.   Learn more at

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Red Point Logo

Redpoint Bio

Redpoint Bio (OTCBB:RPBC) is a biotechnology company focused on developing more nutritious foods and beverages and new approaches to treating diabetes and obesity. Scott Horovitz

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Mend Logo


MEND is a clinical-grade nutrition that’s proven to support and enhance healing so that you can get back to optimal living.   Learn more at

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Kuiper Logo


Kuiper founded by healthcare icon Dr. Andrew Pecora. Kuiper provides stem cell therapy for vascular deficits such as chronic limb ischemia and coronary microvascular dysfunction. 

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Epi Bone Logo


EpiBone is on a mission to use groundbreaking research to transform skeletal repair. Visit to learn more. 

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Cyto Sorbents Logo


CytoSorbents (OTCBB:CTSO) is a publicly traded medical device company that has developed CytoSorb, a patented technology designed to treat potentially fatal “cytokine storm,” also known

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Iby Logo

Colby Pharmaceutical Company

Colby Pharmaceuticals acquired Othera Pharmaceuticals in September 2012. Colby is a clinical company developing proprietary drug molecules targeting diseases related to oxidative stress, immunity, cancer,

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