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IntergriChain supports the pharmaceutical industry delivering actionable intelligence at a low total cost. IntegriChain combines the customer’s data with their domain expertise and proprietary platform

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Nuance Logo Telelogue


Telelogue offers a family of products that address the needs of service providers for automation of Directory Assistance. Telephone Voice Directory Service Bureau provides service

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Dynamic Soft Logo

Teltier Technologies

Teltier Technologies develops and markets wireless infrastructure technology, providing the foundation for mobile network operators to offer their customers feature-rich, collaborative networking services based on

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Xevant Logo


Client performance optimization software to convert data into immediate savings opportunities. Provides implementation strategy to ensure each deployment is customized to meet objectives and desired

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Vydia Logo


A platform for video content creators. To learn more about Vydia, visit:  

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Stratis Logo


Software platform to manage IoT devices for automation (e.g., door locks, lighting, thermostats) in multifamily and student housing. To learn more, visit:  

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Sojo Logo


Sojo (named in honor of the first robotic vehicle to rove another planet) is dedicated to solving these decades-old challenges by introducing the first mobile

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Quantiva Logo


Quantiva provides a comprehensive performance management solution for online businesses, automating diagnosing and troubleshooting performance problems inside and outside the firewall. Quantiva was acquired by

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Princeton Identity Logo

Princeton Identity

Princeton Identity is an identity management company powered by biometrics. PI offers practical, cost-effective, and viable identity solutions — expanding the use of biometrics from

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In current Logo


Founded in 1997, Incurrent Solutions develops and operates web-based services for the global credit card industry, including issuers of consumer, small business, corporate T&E, purchasing,

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Game Trust Logo


Game Trust helps game publishers sell and publish games using its technology. Over 25 games have already been developed using Game Trust technology. The company

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cylera Logo


Next-generation IoT Cybersecurity Cylera recognized the critical gap in safeguarding patient data. The industry needed a way to address the complex technological and operational challenges

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Cota Logo


COTA was founded 2011 by doctors, engineers, and data scientists to create clarity from fragmented and often inaccessible real-world data. Using COTA’s proprietary technology, advanced

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Choice Logo


ChoiceWORX™ is an intelligent automation software company that is revolutionizing IT Operations. Their proprietary platform leverages the power and scalability of artificial intelligence to automate

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Care Gain Logo


CareGain’s Defined-Care platform allows health plans to flexibly, rapidly, and cost-effectively create and administer consumer-directed health plans while leveraging their internal systems and infrastructure. The

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Aep Logo

AEP Networks

AEP Networks (formerly Netilla Networks) specializes in network and application access security. AEP’s integrated suite of solutions- spanning identity-based application security gateways, highly secure IPSec

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Adrich logo


Smart labels attach to consumer-packaged goods to provide brand feedback about product usage and to inform an automated replenishment supply chain. The Adrich consumer insights

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Achieve3000 Logo


Achieve3000 is an Internet-based learning system that helps educators make the most of technology in the classroom. Dedicated to preparing students for today’s fast-paced, e-oriented

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Abacus Insights Logo

Abacus Insights

Abacus Insights delivers intelligent data management capabilities for actionable insights by harnessing healthcare data in an intelligent platform.

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