Introducing the new New Jersey Tech Council – TechUnited:NJ

Aaron Price CEO TechUnited:NJ and Propelify Founder announced June 15, 2020 that the NJ Tech Council is now TechUnited:NJ.

I’m thrilled to announce that the NJ Tech Council is now TechUnited:NJ.

The NJ Tech Council has a fantastic 24 year legacy with strong roots.    In bringing the Propelify community together with the NJ Tech Council last year, part of what the Board tasked me with was to position the organization for another several decades of impact, meaning, and value.  And we have heard you loud and clear – you love the organization, but at times you’ve been wanting more, or different.

With that in mind, we have been reimagining everything from how we bring more value through unique experiences, how we advocate for our community, and now, how we move forward with a new name, towards a bright future.

I couldn’t be more excited to unveil TechUnited:NJ.

TechUnited Logo

With our new name, comes our refreshed positioning:

For those who are defining the path ahead in New Jersey and beyond,

TechUnited is an empowering force for all innovators, instigators, and entrepreneurs,

Achieving this by uniting our community to embolden the “what ifs”

So that we accelerate opportunity, propel ideas into action,

In order to build a better future for all.


Why we chose “united.” All of our experiences with the tech community share one common trait: the magic of the unexpected opportunity that occurs when we unite.  Whether you are an individual about to take the leap into forming a new startup or you’re an innovator inside a Fortune 100, it’s the power of our community – the power of uniting – that brings this magic to life.

Whether at dinners, meetups, conferences, festivals, slack groups, list-serves,  zoom – the opportunity that serendipity brings is ultimately what makes our organization so powerful.  Sometimes from the most unlikely of places we find friends, cofounders, investors, employees, clients, and more.

Why we are leaning into the word “tech.” “Tech” isn’t just about coding languages and transistors.  To us, being a “tech” person is a lens through which one sees the world.  Where some see headaches – we see opportunity.  Where some find frustration, we look for efficiency.  Where some think small – we leverage technology to make a dent in the globe.
In our brand positioning, you’ll notice the use of the word “all” twice.  You should both expect and demand that TechUnited:NJ will be deliberate in making sure that we unite all people of all backgrounds who invent a future for all.   Please continue to reach out with ideas on how we can do better to set a global standard for inclusivity.

You might have noticed some changes already.  I’m so proud of how much our small but mighty team has accomplished in record time.  Just since the pandemic hit, we’ve welcomed over 5,000 of you to webinars.  We’ve sent over 250 tech and PPE solutions from you to the State of NJ and hospitals systems around the region.  We’ve hosted 15 startups on our new show, Startup Showdown, to pitch our very own Tech Council Ventures and other prominent investors. We’ve been heard from the Governor in our participation on the Restart and Recovery Committee to make sure that his plans include our community.  We’ve launched our CleanTech Alliance with PSEG with an upcoming $50,000 reward.  And so much more.

And, we’ve got much more planned for the year including forums focused on CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, Entrepreneurs, Women In Tech, our virtual week-long Propelify Innovation Festival starting October 5th, our annual Awards Gala in November, and our new State of the State of Innovation Report at year-end.

All of this is focused on one goal: to unite our community and build a better future for all.

Join us in this next chapter and let’s unite, online for now and in-person the moment we’re able.

Welcome to TechUnited:NJ.  We empower innovators and entrepreneurs to build a better future for all.

Read the announcement here and learn more about how you can get involved.