Steve Socolof

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A farm-to-fiber approach for synthetics, using 100% bio-based sources and creating materials that are 100% compostable, leaving no microfiber pollution. By using Kintra, brands around

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A platform for video content creators. To learn more about Vydia, visit:  

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SunRay Scientific

SunRay Scientific is a privately-held, 6-year-old company pioneering advanced materials for flexible hybrid, printed electronics manufacturing.  SunRay’s engineered solutions provide cost and performance advantages over

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Software platform to manage IoT devices for automation (e.g., door locks, lighting, thermostats) in multifamily and student housing. To learn more, visit:  

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Collects data from machine tools and operators, integrates with ERP systems, and presents analytics on machine, operator, and job performance to improve manufacturing efficiency and

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ChoiceWORX™ is an intelligent automation software company that is revolutionizing IT Operations. Their proprietary platform leverages the power and scalability of artificial intelligence to automate

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Smart labels attach to consumer-packaged goods to provide brand feedback about product usage and to inform an automated replenishment supply chain. The Adrich consumer insights

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