NACCU welcomes new member Princeton Identity

NACCU (The National Association of Campus Card Users) is pleased to welcome new member Princeton Identity.

Princeton Identity is the identity management company powered by touchless biometrics. PI offers practical, cost-effective and viable identity solutions — expanding the use of biometrics from high-end security systems into mainstream campus areas looking to add-on to its existing card solutions.

Integrating with multiple access control companies, Princeton Identity provides scalable, biometric solutions that complement existing access and identity platforms. Easy to install and use, Princeton Identity products are supported by an experienced, responsive team dedicated to providing exceptional service.

Princeton Identity serves segments worldwide including education, healthcare, finance, airports, and government.

Princeton Identity helped Auburn University implement biometric access for their NCAA athletes and staff into their locker-rooms to improve security and simplify touchless operations. Learn more here.

For more information, visit or follow Princeton Identity on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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