Xevant CEO Brandon Newman Recipient of the Top 100 CEOs in Innovation Award 2021 of World Biz Magazine

Brandon Newman

Tech Council Ventures is proud to share this impressive news that speaks volumes to the time and dedication Brandon puts forth to lead Xevant to where it is today. Congratulations Brandon Newman, CEO of Xevant!

Brandon Newman, CEO of Xevant, has been selected by the judges of World Biz Magazine’s Annual Awards to be a recipient of the Top 100 CEOs in Innovation Award 2021. This selection follows a stringent process that evaluated over 40,000 nominees to select the exclusive list of 100 Winners.

Brandon Newman has a dynamic, 30-year leadership career spearheading several health technology businesses with an emphasis on growth, revenue, and operational excellence. He has run many high-growth environments, including start-ups, turnarounds, and $1B+ dollar businesses. As a serial entrepreneur, he has a proven record of founding new businesses andadvancing them through growth and acquisition, merger, or roll-up including ScripPoint, Veridian, and AviaraMD. Since co-founding Xevant in 2017, an innovative business intelligence company delivering client optimization solutions that create value for its customers in the payer, consulting and PBM markets, Brandon has led a diverse team of employees spanning 3 continents comprising data and software, sales and marketing, account management, and operations. He has proven to be a driving force for vision, new market strategy, revenue growth, technology development, and partner alliances.

“Healthcare is a $4 trillion business with 25% considered wasteful. Historic approaches to eliminate waste within healthcare has required a massive amount of time and resources to run and analyze reporting by the end-customer to hopefully reduce wasteful spending by 1%-3%, months to years after wasteful costs have already incurred. Our motivation isn’t necessarily groundbreaking but simply utilizes new technology and processes to achieve greater results with fewer resources and in less time.”

Continue reading the full interview here and press release here.

World Biz Awards Top 100 CEOs in Innovation Award 2021 - Xevant CEO Brandon Newman recipient

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