CareAlign Launches Direct to Clinician Platform for Workflow Management


CareAlign, a HIPAA compliant task management system for health care providers, is now offering its platform directly to clinicians.

The web application is accessible on any device and puts an emphasis on improving clinical workflows with HIPAA compliant task lists, a dynamic care plan builder and a note automation system. CareAlign, which currently supports organizations in multiple care settings, including hospitals of all sizes, skilled nursing facilities and outpatient clinics, is offering a beta version for free through 2021 in order to empower clinicians and source feedback.

“We built CareAlign because we have a passion for improving patient care and reducing physician burn-out. Using our technology saves doctors an hour a day by eliminating duplicative documentation,” says Subha Airan-Javia, MD, CEO of CareAlign. “We improve patient care by creating a virtual bedside huddle that means everyone is on the same page at the same time, all the time. I am thrilled that we’re now able to offer these tools directly to the front line workers that need them and that we’ve made the sign up process as easy as signing up for a Gmail account.”

CareAlign is built on the thesis that giving clinicians the right technology will improve care and reduce errors. With that in mind, the company developed an application that not only seamlessly fits into, but also improves a clinician’s minute-to-minute workflow.

According to a recent Medscape study, documentation and reporting activities continue to be the main contributor to provider burnout in the industry (EHR Intelligence). Current health information technology platforms, such as the EHR, were built to improve the business of healthcare — such as billing and coding — but fall short when it comes to supporting the delivery of care.

“For the first time in my career, I feel like I am anticipating problems before they happen and CareAlign has allowed our clinical team to be more proactive instead of reactive,” said Kiran Patel, D.O. “Dynamic care plans show real-time updates to patient care and help us prioritize those with the most urgent needs. It’s an innovative tool that the entire industry can benefit from using.”

About CareAlign

CareAlign is a HIPAA Complaint task management platform that reduces the risk of communication related medical errors while also reducing the documentation burden on providers of care. Half of CareAlign’s customers use the platform stand-alone while the other half integrate CareAlign into their EHR to create a paperless rounding and handoff experience. For more information visit

Read the full press release at here.

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