Jim Gunton

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Client performance optimization software to convert data into immediate savings opportunities. Provides implementation strategy to ensure each deployment is customized to meet objectives and desired

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Sojo (named in honor of the first robotic vehicle to rove another planet) is dedicated to solving these decades-old challenges by introducing the first mobile

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The Technology:  The AIR-AD looks like a regular clothing vest, but it dramatically offloads the work of breathing and reduces dynamic hyperinflation, allowing patients to

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Regenosine is developing first-in-class therapies for tissue regeneration. The purinergic system regulates and maintains tissue homeostasis. They have demonstrated that restoring adenosine levels in various

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Princeton Identity

Princeton Identity is an identity management company powered by biometrics. PI offers practical, cost-effective, and viable identity solutions — expanding the use of biometrics from

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Forefront is a recognized national leader in behavioral telehealth. To learn more, visit: https://forefronttelecare.com/ 

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EpiBone is on a mission to use groundbreaking research to transform skeletal repair. Visit https://www.epibone.com/ to learn more. 

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Abacus Insights

Abacus Insights delivers intelligent data management capabilities for actionable insights by harnessing healthcare data in an intelligent platform.

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