ONETIME – UQ Race Test for Printed Battery Prototypes


Printed thin-film batteries are emerging technologies for powering next-generation Internet-of-Things devices. Researchers from The University of Queensland (UQ) have been supporting a leading company in this industy, Printed Energy Pty Ltd, on research and development of printed thin-film batteries through a Commonweath Government funded CRC project. Now, we are ready to test one of the prototypes of a real application of these printed batteries. The printed battery-integrated race timing bibs can be an alternative approach for timing the race event by eliminating the necessity of large timing infrastructures.

Come and explore how this technology can create changes for timing the race event by integrating printed thin-film batteries with timing bibs. Your great support as volunteer runners will help us to properly evaluate the prototypes of this innovative technology in real environmental conditions and improve this technology in the near future. This 10 km race test will be held at UQ St Lucia campus along the riverfront St Lucia Parkrun course on 26th of June 2021. This is not a competition, rather completion of the 10 km run is what we really appreciate. Please come and be part of the action. Look forward to meeting you there!

Event Times

Check-in: 8:30am – 9.15am
Race Briefing: 9.20am
Race test starts from: 9:30am
Check-in Venue: Play field 7 (Athletic playground), Sir William MacGregor Dr, St Lucia QLD 4067
Running course: Sir William MacGregor Dr, St Lucia QLD 4067 (St Lucia Parkrun Course)
All registrations are online only and close Friday (25th of June 2021) before the event

Event Pricing

This is a free event with maximum runners of 30. Small souvenirs will be provided for volunteer runners.

Visit for tickets and additional info.

Introduction of the Team

Printed Energy Logo Printed Energy Pty Ltd a Brisbane-based world-leading company in printed thin-film battery industry. More information can be found via the company website:

Printed Energy is the industry lead participant of the CRC-P printed battery project, working with two Australian leading universities UQ and UNSW. Prof. Lianzhou Wang, an ARC Laureate Fellow at UQ’s School of Chemical Engineering and Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN), is leading the research team at the UQ Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation and has been working collaboratively with the other team leaders Prof. Chris Greig, Prof. Vicki Chen and Prof. Dawei Wang to support Printed Energy on their commercialization targets.

More printed battery story about this project can be found here.

Component Attachment for ONETIME Inlays – by SunRay Scientific

Sunray Scientific logo ​​​SunRay Scientific Inc., a US based developer of innovative electronic materials, introduces their patented ZTACH® ACE, Anisotropic Conductive Epoxy, which delivers a cost-effective, miniaturized, enhanced performance solution to enable novel hybrid electronic packaging for a wide range of printed electronic applications. Typical applications include flexible RFID tags, wearable diagnostic patches, blood glucose monitoring, and LED arrays. The simplicity of SunRay’s technology lowers production costs while speeding up production time, enabling a wide range of lighter, smaller, enhanced performance electronics.



I University of Queensland f you have any questions, please feel free to contact the event organizer:

Dr. Miaoqiang Lyu, UQ Dow Centre, School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Queensland
Phone: 0431823486



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