Article by Christopher Jason

How an EHR Documentation Assistant Helped Mitigate Clinician Burnout

The implementation of an EHR documentation assistant had made life much easier for clinicians during COVID-19, resulting in less writing and more time at home.

Clinician burnout is a common issue tied with EHR usability, EHR emergence, and EHR prevalence. Poor EHR usability leads to high levels of physician attrition, depression, dissatisfaction, and burnout. The pressures of EHR use and documentation led Patel to carve out a strict weekly routine

For Neesha Patel, MD, establishing and following a weekly routine is crucial to juggling her life as a physician at Cooper University Healthcare and Abigail House for Nursing and Rehabilitation, and an assistant professor at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University.

Prior to COVID-19, Patel spent hours outside of work handwriting her clinical notes, which can ultimately lead to clinician burnout.

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